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Club Rules 2017 -2018


1)  Any member found taking fish away from any Club water will be liable to be expelled from the Club. (Limited numbers of live-bait sized fish may be retained for use on the day they are caught and on the water in which they are caught only). THIS RULE TO BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

2)  Members may not do or cause or suffer to be done any wilful or unnecessary damage to the banks or herbage thereof on either side of the river and to use the same exercise of the right of fishing in a reasonable manner and in particular not to erect any tent or camp on any bank or light any fire or erect any cooking apparatus upon or carry any gun on the same.

3)  Membership card must be produced when weighing in fish, or proof of membership within 7 days, dated prior to the date of weighing-in.

4)  No trophy to be taken outside 10 miles, except at the discretion of the committee.

5)  No unauthorised matches to be held on Club waters.

6)  Members are reminded that, in accordance with EA regulations and bylaws, the use of lead shot in the sizes 0.06 grams to 28.35 grams inclusive are banned from all Club waters.

 7)  Night fishing is not allowed on any club water.

8)  Only TWO rods may be used at a time on any Club water except that only ONE rod is allowed on either Magpie Lake, Atkins Water. Barbless hooks only, Max: size 12 on Magpie & Atkins.

9)  No rod to be left fishing unattended on our waters at any time.

10)      It is a condition of membership that a valid EA Rod Licence is held by all anglers - including juniors - before fishing WAC waters.

11)      No dogs, except guide dogs, to be brought onto any Club water.

12)      Members are not to use Mr. Curtisís private road. There is NO ACCESS to Curtis's Wash through the farm.

13)      Follow the Country Code. Close all gates; leave no litter; No tins to be brought onto any Club water.

14)      Members fishing above Bottisham Locks are kindly requested to give way to sailing boats.

15)      Membership categories are as follows:

       Junior - age 15 years and below;

       Youth: age 16 to 18 inclusive;

       Senior - age 18 years and above;

       Concessions 60+, Blue Badge

 16)      Leland Water Day Tickets must be booked IN ADVANCE ONLY by phone or in person from Leland Water Ticket Manager, (see page 16)

17)      River Day Tickets may be purchased from WAC Agents or on the bank.

18)      Atkins Water Day Tickets may be purchased from WAC Agents or on the bank.
19)           Magpie Lake Day Tickets may be purchased from WAC Agents or on the bank.

 20)           Junior anglers (under 16's) must be accompanied by an able bodied adult at all times on all club waters.
  21)           All new record claims must be weighed and witnessed by a WAC Committee Member

Amended 18/07/2017

Match Rules

1. All Waterbeach Club matches to be fished to N.F.A. rules, and all fish to be returned to the water immediately after weighing.

2. Pegs shall not be less than 18 yards apart, and competitors may not move more than one yard from the peg. Ladies and Junior anglers may receive assistance in landing fish.

3. All profit from Elizabethan Cup match to be donated to charity.

4. No competitor to break the surface of the water before the starting signal, except to mix groundbait.

5. Only one hook allowed. More than one rod may be made up, but only one to be baited.

6. Minimum age for Juniors in matches; 10 years unless accompanied by a Senior.

7. Any competitor moving during a match must pass at least 15 yards behind other competitors.

8. The committee reserve the right to alter or postpone match fixtures without prior notice.

9. Club Cards must be shown at all Club Matches.

10. Any complaint of infringement of match rules must be made before weighing-in. Stewards decision in all cases will be final.

11. All competitors not complying with match rules will be disqualified.

12. Pike and Zander are excluded from all Open or Club matches.

13. All matches to be fished strictly to time. Entries for matches close on the Friday evening preceding the competition.

14. All entries received will be chargeable, whether or not the applicant fishes, at a minimum of £2.00 per entry. A minimum fee of £2.00 shall be made for all bookings on Waterbeach A.C. waters, Peg fees for Open and major League Matches will be £2.00.

15. In Club Matches, one prize will be presented for every ten anglers competing.

16. If the River Cam is unfishable, matches will, if possible, be switched to an alternative venue.

17. Regular matches will be held at Atkins Water, normally on two Sundays in each month, when the water will be closed to other angling, normally until 4pm. Further details will be displayed on the

notice board by the gate, and from the Match Secretary.

18. Junior matches will also be held at Atkins Water on some summer evenings and one Saturday. For further details see displayed notices and the 'Junior Match Dates' page.

19. Qualifying Weights: No fish will QUALIFY for Club Specimen Prizes unless they equal or exceed the following weights: BREAM 2lb.,

DACE 6oz., EELS 1lb., PERCH 10oz., PIKE 7lb., ROACH 12oz., RUDD 8oz., TENCH 1lb 8oz., - CARP, CHUB & PIKE to EA size limit.

NEW WATER: In association and agreement with The Waterbeach Level Drainage Board, WAC now controls a short length of River Cam bank fishing at the end of Bannold Road (below the sluice). Day Tickets available on the bank from WAC Bailiff.

Residents of Waterbeach, Landbeach, Chittering and Lode may fish free.



Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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