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121B Waterbeach Road, Landbeach, Cambridge CB25 9FA
President Brian Day 01223 812 050
Chairman Charles Wells 07979 495 678
Vice Chairman Phillip Grimshaw 007951 615 120
Secretary Colin Brett 01954 200 956 Email
Colin Brett
01954 200 956 Email
Match Secretary Ian Baker 07903 335 318
Junior Match Secretary Ian Baker 07903 335 318

Please contact the Secretary reference any info required for those positions with no contact details.

Leland Water  
Day Tickets 07759 977513 07759 977 513
Atkins Water & Magpie Lake Managers Colin Brett / Ian Baker  
Hatley's Junior Pit Manager Vacant  
Weighing Officers Jamie Martin 07437 887544
River Fisheries Bailiff Jamie Martin 07437 887544
Old West Manager Phil London 01353 649 375

OFFICERS 2017 - 2018

President: Brian Day

Vice Presidents:

L. Beecroft, K. Bingham, R. Reynolds, A.Wyatt

Trustees: T.Leadley, A.Wyatt, K.S.Bingham, P. Johnson.

Chairman - Charles Wells

Vice Chairman - Phillip Grimshaw

Hon.Treasurer - Colin Brett

Hon. General Secretary - Colin Brett

Hon. Match Secretary - Ian Baker

Junior Match Secretary - Ian Baker

Hatley Junior Pit Manager -

Magpie Lake Manager - Colin Brett & Ian Baker

Atkins Lake Manager - Colin Brett & Ian Baker

River fisheries Bailiff - Jamie Martin

Old West Manager - Phil London

Leland Water Manager - Dave Badcock & Mark Crisp

Leland Water Day Ticket Manager - Mark Crisp


(Elected for Two years)

 Bill Watts, Ian Baker, Jamie Martin, Graham Johnson.

(One year to serve)

Dave Badcock, Keith Newman, Ian Lewis, Phil London.

Hon. Life Members:

Sid Ambrose, Malcolm Ardley, Les Beecroft, Brian Day, Maurice Harradine, Phil London,

Richard Reynolds, Alan Wyatt, Bill Watts and Keith Newman


Water Bailiffs:

Jamie Martin (River Fisheries Bailiff)  (07437 887544), Phil London (Old West) 01353 649375

We)ighing Officers

 Jamie Martin (07437 887544)

In addition, all officers and Committee Members are

appointed Honorary Club Bailiffs.

Webmaster Colin Brett email: webmaster@waterbeachac.co.uk


Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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Club information: info@waterbeachac.co.uk   Web information: webmaster@waterbeachac.co.uk