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Junior Records Atkin's Water from 2012 [New]

Species Angler Date Weight
Mirror Carp      
Common Carp Jonathan Turpin 29th July 2012 7 - 12
Tench Jonathan Turpin 24th July 2012 5 - 00
Golden Tench Ben Mansfield 26th July - Date Submitted 5 - 00
Roach Ben Mansfield 26th July - Date Submitted 1 - 08
Bream Ben Mansfield 26th July - Date Submitted 4 - 13
Crucian Carp Ben Mansfield 26th July - Date Submitted 2 - 02

Please note that from August 1st all new record claims must be weighed & witnessed by a WAC committee member

Junior Records Hatley’s Pit, Landbeach

Species Angler Date Weight
Mirror Carp Charles West 1996 11-02
Common Carp H Gilson 2001 10-06
Tench James Medlow 1996 5-04
Roach Chris Smith 1993 1-01
Rudd Tom Douglas 1993 1-04
Perch B Lloyd 2001 2-02
Crucian Carp R Thacker 1996 2-13
Eel Matthew Terry 1996 1-01

(There were no new records from Hatley's Pit in 2010/2011)

Match result for 7th July 2012

8th July Juniors Open Match Atkins Water
Over 12s
1st Zak Osbourne 23lbs
2nd Chloe Easey 10lb.
Under 12s
1st Tegan Easey 20lb
2nd Peter McAdam 2lb 4ozs.
Juniors Overall Result
1st Zak Osbourne 23lbs
1st Tegan Easey 20lb

Waterbeach AC Junior match results

Waterbeach Angling Club Junior Match Winners 2011

Evening League

1st - Chloe Easey

2nd - Holly Parker

3rd - Lewis Woollard

Best Carp                                           9lb 2oz - Lewis Woollard

Best Tench                                         3lb 8oz - Lewis Woollard

Best Bream                                        4lb - Lewis Woollard

Best Roach                                         1lb - Zoe Easey

Horace Bull Cup for best fish caught in matches

Roach                                                 1lb - Chloe Easey

Harradine Cup -Best Trier              Ross Jarvis

Wyatt Cup 12/15 years                     Holly Parker

Chapman Cup Under 12’s               Zac Osbourne

Individual Evening Matches

Match 1 Fished on Magpie

1st Lewis Woollard 39lb 4oz

2nd Chloe Easey  22lb 8oz

3rd Zac Osbourne 22lb

Match 2 Fished on Atkins

1st Lewis Woollard 15lb 4oz

2nd Holly Parker 14lb 10oz

3rd Chloe Easey 7lb 8oz

Match 3 Fished on Magpie

1st Zac Osbourne 32lb 19oz

2nd Holly Parker 27lb

3rd Chloe Easey 26lb

Match 4 Fished on Atkins

1st Chloe Easey 9lb

2nd Holly Parker 4lb 10oz

3rd Jack Tunbridge 1lb 12oz

James Wells Trophy Fished on Saturday 2nd July

1st Chloe Easey 32lb

 2nd Jack Tunbridge 3lb 10oz                                                 

3rd Holly Parker 3lb 9oz


Specimen Fish Trophies

An engraved plaque will be presented for the best fish caught of each of BREAM, DACE, ROACH, PERCH,

TENCH, PIKE and CHUB. Also, any other specimen fish caught which are not listed will be considered on merit by the committee.


Hatley's Junior Pit Trophies

The H Reynolds Shield, the R Reynolds Shield and the P Shipp Shield will be presented to the three best fish

caught from Hatley's Junior Pit and weighed and confirmed by Mr Harridine.



9 June Winner: David Mayle 9lb 8oz Atkins Peg 3

16 June Winner: David Mayle 36lb 12oz Magpie Peg 9

23 June Winner: Chloe Easey 30lb 9oz Atkins Peg 8

30 June Winner: Chloe Easey 61lb 8oz Magpie Peg 5

4 July Winner: Chloe Easey 60lb 8oz Magpie Peg 12


(Wednesday Matches)

Winner: Chloe Easey 125lb 15oz


For age group 12 to 15 inclusive.

Winner: David Mayle 38 points

Second: Lewis Woollard 27 points

Third: Jack Tunbridge 25 points


For age group under 12

Winner: Zac Osbourne 30 points

Second: Chloe Easey 29 points

Third: Connor Martin 14 points


Presented to the angler who is considered the best tryer. The angler will be selected from those who have

weighed in fish during the season (Not necessarily the one who weighs in the most fish!)

Winner: Zac Osbourne


Presented for the best Specimen Fish caught during the Wednesday series

Winner: Jack Tunbridge (Roach 1lb 8oz)


For the best fish caught during the Saturday match

Winner: Chloe Easey (Mirror Carp 7lb 4oz)


Junior Winners of Specimen Fish Trophies 2010 - 2011

Carp David Mayle 8lb 1oz

Perch Zac Osbourne 1lb 7oz

Golden Tench David Mayle 2lb 0oz

Bream Chloe Easey 4lb 5oz

Roach Jack Tunbridge 1lb 8oz




Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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