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Leland Water

Waterbeach Road, Landbeach, Cambridge CB25 9FA


Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


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Leland Water. 

Life Members, 10 Year Members, Members Guests plus limited  Day Tickets.

A WAC Club card does not include the right to fish Leland Water.  Fishing is by limited day tickets (£10.00 for one rod & £15.00 for two rods)  4 available @ W/Ends & 6 available midweek. Members guest tickets are £15 per 24hrs.   Bookable in advance only from the Ticket Manager 07759 977513.  Leland tickets are not available on the bank.  The season for day ticket anglers is June 16th to 14th March inclusive.  Anglers found on the fishery without a ticket or who have not booked in advance will be banned.




Running water & toilet facilities in entrance lodge. Adequate car parking available.  All anglers are required to sign in and out, with a record of their catch [inc Nil returns].

General Rules & Guidance for

Day Ticket Anglers on Leland Water

Ticket Details :

Day Ticket - £10.00 for one rod, £15.00 for two rods.

·      Day tickets must be booked with the Day Ticket Manager in advance of fishing, either in person, by post (enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope), or by telephone.

    Day ticket anglers must not bring non-angling guests or any other visitors.

·      Day tickets are valid from 30 minutes before SUNRISE to 30 minutes after SUNSET from 16th June to 14th March.

     The metal gate in the middle of the members car park going through the otter fence is the only access on to Leland water and must be closed at ALL TIMES.



      Day Tickets cover the use of a maximum of TWO RODS ONLY. Anglers are reminded that an Environment Agency rod license is required. The EA visit the lake regularly and will prosecute any angler infringing this rule. The club receives regular and invaluable help from the EA in managing Leland Water and they have our full support in this matter.

·      Leland Water management reserve the right to enforce EA rules on their behalf should the behavior of anglers on the lake demand it.

·      All anglers must carry their day tickets at all times and must produce them when asked by a Leland member/ bailiff.

·      Day tickets are NOT transferable.

·      The close season operates at present from 15th March to 15th June inclusive.  This may change at the discretion of the committee.

Around The Leland Water Site :

·      Day ticket holders must use their separate car park to the right of the gatehouse.

·      Use of vehicles elsewhere on the site is restricted to the Fishery Managers for management purposes only.

·      All anglers must sign IN and OUT in the logbook provided in the Gatehouse and must record details of your catch including any significant weights and a contact number.

·      All anglers must stay within Leland Water boundaries at all times and not interfere with the fence or trespass on adjacent farmland, Corpus Christi Trout Lake or in the woodland. These areas are private.

·      Loud car radios and excessive revving of engines will not be tolerated. – people live nearby and good relations with our neighbours is important.

·      No DOGS allowed on Leland Water or any of our lakes.

      Anglers may NOT dig out or trim swim areas, trees or emergent weed in front of the swims or elsewhere on the site without permission and instruction from the Fishery Manager.

Fish Care equipment needed for fishing at Leland Water :


All unhooking mats, landing nets and weigh slings must be dry on arrival or dipped in the disinfectant tank near the gate house.  Each angler must have access to their own landing net of at least 36” and must not be sharing with a friend in another swim. Unhooking mats must be used for tench, bream and Pike.

Unhooking mats with raised sides with at least 75mm padding in the bottom or a cradle type mat are needed for carp. We highly recommend to use a bucket/container of lake water to keep fish wet at all times and the use of an antiseptic designed for fish hook holds/body damage to be used on all carp. (See images above). No lead core leaders allowed

When Fishing :

·      You must return fish immediately unless photographs are required. In which case, set up cameras before removing fish from the water keeping their time on the bank to a minimum.

 Introduction to, or removal from, Leland Water of any fish, plant life or other wildlife is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without express permission of the Fishery Manager. In particular, removal of fish from Leland Water, under any pretext, WILL RESULT IN PROSECUTION. Fish MUST NOT be transferred between the lakes on the site.

·      Anglers may NOT dig out or trim swim areas, trees or emergent weed in front of the swims or elsewhere on the site without permission and instruction from the Fishery Manager.

·      All normal angling methods, baits and ground baits are allowed although excessive baiting or excessive use of nuts is not.

       Surplus bait MUST NOT  be left on the bank at the end of the day as this encourages rats.

·      Remote controlled “bait boats” are allowed FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

·      Shelters’ may be erected IN THE SWIM ONLY, not elsewhere. No other camping is allowed. Swims may not be reserved.

·     Fishing for pike from 1st October to the end of the season only.

·      Anglers may fish only one swim at a time and rods must not be left “fishing unattended” AT ANY TIME.

·      Litter and discarded line/tackle will not be tolerated. Whether or not the angler fishing the swim was responsible for it or not, HE/SHE MUST REMOVE IT.  If tackle is lost out of reach (in trees or on islands), the Fishery Manager must be informed or a note to the effect left on the Gatehouse blackboard.

·      Casting baits into or across the swims of other anglers is not allowed.  Unless you are alone on the water, your swim extends no further than the centre of the lake.

·      Be quiet and considerate to others. Bite alarms must not be set louder than necessary or such that they disturb other anglers. Radio’s/TV’s etc. must not be audible outside the angler’s swim. The banging in of pegs, brolly poles etc. while other anglers are fishing, is totally unnecessary. Give occupied swims as wide a berth as possible.

These Rules and ticket prices apply from June 2016 until further notice.

Alterations to these Rules or any special circumstances (e.g. a short-term keep net ban) will be displayed on the Gatehouse notice board along with details of any organized matches and periods of Lake Closures.

Waterbeach Angling Club reserves the right to change these rules at any time and without reference.

The Club is very keen to preserve the generally quiet and enjoyable atmosphere that has prevailed at Leland Water so far and these Rules and Notes of Guidance are drawn up to further this aim. Please understand that the Club WILL NOT tolerate willful disregard of these Rules and may, in extreme circumstances, following a formal warning, BAN any Member or Ticket holder from the water.

In case of any doubt, or to suggest alterations or additions to these Rules and Guidelines, please contact the Fishery Manager.

 Leland Water  Manager :

Day Tickets: 07759 977513 *Please note new number*




Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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While we endeavor to post correct information, we do not accept any responsibility for any incidents what-so-ever, arising from information provided on this website.

Club information: info@waterbeachac.co.uk   Web information: webmaster@waterbeachac.co.uk