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Membership costs

WAC Ticket prices for season 2016/2017 are as follows:

All prices effective April 1st 2016:

Adult - £30.00 - Juniors - £5.00 [15 & under] - Husband/Wife - £40.00 - Youth 16 - 18 - £20. All Concessions (60+,Armed Forces, Disabled) - £20.00

Day Tickets prices:

River - £5.00 no concessions - Atkins Water will be open all year to club card holders otherwise day tickets at £7.00 [Concession £5.00]  - Leland Water - £10.00 (£15.00 for two rods) Collect 3 day tickets and get your next visit free.

Magpie Lake - £7.00 [Concession £5.00] (£2.00 per ticket off Magpie tickets for holders of WAC full ADULT (not concessionary) club card).

A ‘Loyalty’ system operates on Magpie, Atkins and Leland. See Club Rule 19b. Save three old Day Tickets and fish free on your fourth visit. Old tickets must be handed to bailiff.

Leland Water Day Tickets must be booked IN ADVANCE ONLY by phone or in person from Leland Water Ticket Manager, See Club Rule 20

River Day Tickets may be purchased from WAC Agents or on the bank. See Club Rule 21

Atkins Water & Magpie Lake Day Tickets may be purchased on the bank See Club Rule 22

  Junior anglers (under 16's) must be accompanied by a Senior Ticket holder at all times on all club waters.   See Club Rule 23

AGM Information

All full members are eligible and very welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting which will be held on 23rd January 2017 at 7.30pm at the Sun Inn, Waterbeach, Cambs


Please support WAC's agents

S. Cooper & Sons F. J & F. J Farrington Rosemary Newsagents
1 Carlton Terrace, Carlton Way, 2 - 4 Ferry Lane, Chesterton, 3 Rosemary Road, Waterbeach,
Cambridge  01223 365987 Cambridge  01223 461361 Cambs 01223 571646
Hooked Benwick Sports Willow Grange
88 All Saints Road, 22 Northfields Ely Road
Newmarket  01638 661594 Soham   01353 721009 Chittering   01353 649573
Website: www.fishing-direct.com   http://www.willowgrange.com/


Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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While we endeavor to post correct information, we do not accept any responsibility for any incidents what-so-ever, arising from information provided on this website.

Club information: info@waterbeachac.co.uk   Web information: webmaster@waterbeachac.co.uk