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2016 News Reports

News from the Waterbeach AC fisheries

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New rules must be observed, including all landing nets and unhooking mats to be dipped both on entering and leaving the fishery. Failure to do so will result in the possibility of the fishery being closed again.

Anglers must not transfer from Magpie to Atkins. Doing so may result in a ban on anglers that ignore these disease precautions.
We have supplied Landing Nets and unhooking matsfor use on Magpie ONLY do not move them off the Magpie site
NO ALCOHOL is allowed on our Waterbeach Road fishery.
Leland booking number 07759 977513 *Please note new number* Call or text.
Leland Water Hugh Reynolds Memorial Pike Match was held on the 8th January, not many fish I'm afraid and was won by Ian Proud with 3 fish weighing in total 6-08. 2nd place went to Kevin Gilbert with just one 4-oo fish.  The club unveiled a memorial seat dedicated to Hugh on the Magpie lake.

Both Magpie and Atkins have been frozen a few times over the last few weeks but when clear have fished well to those willing to venture out. Out Magpie angler caught 10 carp in 2 hours last Saturday. There's a match on Atkins on 15th January so will be closed. Magpie should be open ice permitting but the weather is improving.
Leland Water once again is producing some mega sport for some members. This time Pom Walia hooked and landed 12 fish including 2 fish of over 30lbs. Pictured are just 2 of his catch.


Magpie Lake is fishing well with Roach still showing well and some big ones as well.  Carp are beginning to show up more and more in catches as the weather continues to warm. Prospects are looking good for the summer.  There's a match on Magpie on Sunday 29th May so the lake will be closed until 4.30pm. Day tickets are available after this time. Pictured below is Jennifer's first carp, caught on Magpie. The first of many we hope. Well done.

Atkins Water is still fishing well with plenty of bream and roach coming out.  Ian Baker won the match on there on Sunday with 15-10 of roach, bream and 2 carp [see below] Day ticket angler Liam caught a cracking 11lb common that gave him a good fight [again see below]. Next match on Atkins is on June 3rd when the lake will be closed until 4pm.


Leland Water May has seen Leland light up with some great catches for Leland Members. Greg English started the ball rolling with a 24-02 common at the start of the month. Nick Pell-Coggins and guest followed Greg with commons of 20-04 and 18-03 respectively. James Barham landed mirrors of 25-11 and 23-08 plus a 15-09 common. James's guest had a 24-02 common. Mark Crisp started his season with a 19lb common while Mel Buddle targeted the shoals of silver fish present in the lake catching a great haul of roach and rudd. Danny Brown fished a short session with floaters and took a 16lb common and a 24lb mirror off the surface. Catch of the month so far goes to Ian Proud who fished an overnight session and landed a 21lb mirror and 2 commons, one of 18lbs and the other, a near lake record of 35-04 see below.

Atkins Water is producing some good catches of bream and roach plus the odd mega catch of carp. Sweetcorn fished over plenty of pellet seems to do the business.
Magpie Lake there are many many carp showing but they seem reluctant to feed for any length of time.  The occasional decent bag is still being taken but nothing consistent. That said with this warmer weather catches should improve soon.


Magpie Lake is beginning to improve yet again.  The cold weather this month has made finding feeding fish difficult, however the quality roach in Magpie are there to be caught and one or two anglers are catching well.  Len Proctor again had a good bag of 20 + roach and 3 nice carp. While another angler, Paul, managed to better this with over 30 quality roach and some carp as well.  He lost 5 carp on the light tackle he was using but stepped up and landed 5 nice fish.  Keith Newman netted a near 15lb Common [pictured below] This lovely fish weighed in at 14lb - 08.

Atkins Water is still producing good weights.  The latest match {Littleport AC} was won by Barry with 14-02 from peg 2, second was Pat with 11-13, Dave was 3rd with 6-13. Mostly silver fish and some bream made up the weights with only 2 carp caught.

Leland Water is closed to day ticket anglers at present but members fishing have had some amazing catches. Danny Browne landed 12 fish to 32lbs in an overnight session, while another member reported a slow day after landing only 7 to 26lbs. Leland opens again for day tickets on June 16th. Bookings are necessary in advance to be sure of a place, call 07759 977513 to book.



The big news is the new Otter Fencing is now in place around Leland Water. Hopefully Magpie Lake and Atkins Water will be fenced in the near future.
There is only one gate that allows members and pre-booked ticket holders entry to Leland Water, this is directly behind the car park.
Failure to close this gate will result in the angler or anglers concerned being asked to leave the water.

Both Magpie and Atkins water have had a major facelift over the last 2 months, with a major clearance of bank side vegetation and cutting back of growth on the islands. Atkins work is still ongoing but will be finished very shortly.

Fishing on Magpie has been good especially the silver fish with some nice bags coming to the net.  Many roach around the 12oz to 1lb are featuring in catches along with a number of carp.

Atkins is also producing some nice roach although it isnít as prolific as Magpie.  Bream are also showing up on Atkins and as the water starts to warm the carp should also start to feed.
Day tickets are available on the bank for Magpie and Atkins.

The KHV restrictions are now being eased and itís hoped to run some more matches throughout the coming year.

Notice of matches will be posted on our website and also on the lake notice board.

Leland water has fished well almost right through the winter period even producing when the lake has been partly frozen.The best catches have come to just one angler, Greg English who has had some good fish in the last 2 weeks.

A 19-04 Mirror and a 25-08 Common graced his unhooking mat last week while on Friday last he landed 5 carp, commons of 28-12 common [picture below], 22-00, 17-04, 16-08 and a Mirror of 21-02.

Again prospects look good as the water warms. 

Day tickets for Leland are available by calling 07759 977513

Greg English 28-12 Leland Common

10/01/2016  Leland Water. Hugh Reynolds Memorial Pike Match.
This match is now an annual feature on our calendar was held today on Leland Water.  11 anglers fished and although results were not as good as expected from this normally prolific venue every enjoyed the day and the sunshine.
First place went to Matt Foster with a 9lb fish, 2nd place Tony Leadley with a fish of 4lb 12ozs, 3rd was Ian Lewis with 2 fish for 4lb 8ozs and 4th was Jonny Sanders with a 2lb 12oz fish.



Litter and nylon line is both unsightly, dangerous to wildlife and can cause the loss of a fishery.

All discarded line, tackle, bottles and other litter MUST BE REMOVED from swims by Club Members whether dropped by the member or not.  No tins to be brought to any Club Water.

Any Member found leaving litter in their swim will be required to explain their actions to the Committee and may have their Membership withdrawn.

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